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A Real Solution for School Shootings Paul Craig Roberts

A Real Solution for School Shootings

A Real Solution for School Shootings
Paul Craig Roberts
Gun bans are no more effective than banning drugs.
What explains school shootings and other mass shootings—the ones that are real?
The gun control lobby blames “gun violence.” Gun violence is a non-sensical term. It attributes action and intent to an inanimate physical object as if the gun decides to kill people and moves around on its own pulling its own trigger. Clearly there is no such thing as gun violence. The reliance on such a nonsense term makes a person wonder what the real agenda is of gun control advocates.
People commit violence with guns, just as they do with bombs, Molotov cocktails, knives, baseball bats, tasers, rocks, slingshots, chainsaws, bows and arrows, cars, trucks, fists, and so on. How silly would you sound if you described American Indians’ use of bows and arrows as “bow and arrow violence” or refered to Jack-the-Ripper as “knife violence.”
Nevertheless, the nonsense term has been used by gun control advocates for so many years that people born to its use don’t realize its absurdity. Students at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida told the media that they “have had enough of gun violence.”
The term is not only nonsensical, it is malicious. It blames behavior on an inanimate object. Consequently, focus is shifted away from the causes of the behavior.
In my day most of us had guns. By the age of 10, 11, and certainly by 12, we had our first .22 rifle or 410 shotgun. None of us ever shot anyone. My uncle brought back from WW II a .45 pistol, a .30 caliber M1 carbine and ammunition galore. As soon as we were able to ride bicycles, my friends and I were at Granny’s playing with the weapons, loading and unloading them. Granny wasn’t the least bit worried. We knew everything about safe handling and never to point a gun at anyone, ourselves included. In the 1960s it was common for high school students in rural areas during deer season to take their deer guns to school in their cars and trucks. It was a commonplace sight to see a rifle or shotgun hanging across the back window in a pickup truck cab.
There were no shootings in those days. So what do we conclude? Do we conclude that guns just hadn’t learned to move around on their own and pull their own triggers, or do we conclude that something has happened to people?
There are many explanations offered for the appearance of mass murders. One is behavior control drugs that some kids are on. Another is the extreme violence seen on TV and movies and practiced on video games. Yet another is the destruction of religious influence and the fear of Hell. GMOs and processed food are blamed by some who are concerned with the impact of diet on behavior and mental/emotional stability.
Something has erased in some people moral conscience and concern for others. We need to find out why our society is falling apart like this, not pass the buck to inanimate objects.
Meanwhile, as this Florida sheriff suggests, more guns might be the solution until we figure out what the problem really is and how to address it.

EX-CIA Director: “We interfere in other countries’ elections (81 times), but only for a good cause.”

EX-CIA Director: “We interfere in other countries’ elections (81 times), but only for a good cause.”

EX-CIA Director: “We interfere in other countries’ elections (81 times), but only for a good cause.”
This article explains how the CIA overthrew the Australian government and restored Australia’s servile puppet state status which continues to exist today.

CBS Contradicts Itself On Mueller’s Report Paul Craig Roberts

CBS Contradicts Itself On Mueller’s Report

CBS Contradicts Itself On Mueller’s Report
Paul Craig Roberts
Despite reporting correctly Deputy AG Rosenstein’s statement that Mueller’s investigation found no evidence that Russian social media activity had an effect on the US election and no cooperation or collusion with the Trump campaign, CBS then falsely reports: “DOJ indicts Russians for meddling in election.”
Does CBS have an explanation for its side-by-side self-contradiction on its own website?
Are the CBS presstitutes so stupid that they didn’t even notice their self-contradiction, or are the presstitutes so determined to carry on with the Russiagate fake news story that they shout over a print account with a TV Special Report?
Is it a question of total incompetence or total dishonesty? I see every indication on the part of the media to prevent the American public from understanding that from start to finish Russiagate was a hoax designed to discredit the President of the United States.
I see the same on the part of the FBI, the DOJ, and Trump’s own National Security Adviser. Here is Rosenstein’s announcement of Muller’s indictment of 13 Russians.
Note that after saying the Russians are indicted for interfering in the election, and spending 5 minutes on this, at the 5 minute 20 second mark Rosenstein says there is no evidence that the Russians had any affect on the election! So what we have is the Deputy Attorney General of the United States announcing an indictment for which he says there is no evidence!
“What’s going on here?” as the colonel asks in the movie, Legends of the Fall. The answer is that
Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey, Brennan, Hillary, the DNC, the entirety of the presstitute media, and so on have been involved in a conspiracy to disempower and remove the President of the United States. They have been caught at it. And now the deceitful corrupt bastards and bitches are simultaneously abandoning their principal charge that Trump and his associates were involved while holding on to the claim that a few Russians independently of any and all Americans were trying to do something. If you watch Rosenstein’s 6 minute 45 second news statement, you can clearly see this simultaneous avowal and disavowal of Russiagate.
If Trump has any balls, all of the above will be indicted, convicted, and imprisoned. Otherwise, it will all happen again. Or Trump will be assassinated, and the presstitutes will blame the “lone nut” served up by the CIA.

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PT - GUERRA NUCLEAR : 3.3 Os falsos alarmes de ataque nuclear




De Hiroshima até hoje:

Quem e como nos conduzem à catástrofe

3.3  Os falsos alarmes de ataque nuclear

Na noite de 25 de Novembro de 1961, todas as comunicações entre a NORAD (Comando de Defesa Aérea Norte Americana) e o SAC (Comando aéreo Estratégico) interromperam-se devido a uma sobrecarga das linhas. Dado que poderia ser o início de um ataque soviético, o NORAD lança o alarme alfa, o nível máximo de alerta, preparando-se para dirigir contra a URSS os bombardeiros B-52 e lançar mísseis nucleares.

Na manhã de 9 de Novembro de 1979, salta um outro alarme nuclear, quando um oficial do NORAD, introduz, inadvertidamente, num computador ligado à rede radar, uma fita com um programa registado, usado nos exercícios contra um ataque soviético. Sobre os visores dos radares aparecem, então, bombardeiros e mísseis intercontinentais soviéticos a dirigir-se para os EUA.

Novo alarme nuclear no NORAD na noite de 3 de Junho de 1980, quando, devido a uma falha nos computadores, aparecem 4 algarismos que indicam o número de mísseis soviéticos a chegar, no lugar de um zero aparece um dois, assinalando a chegada dos dois primeiros e depois, duzentos mísseis.

Na noite de 26 de Setembro de 1983, surge outro alarme nuclear também na URSS. Naquele momento, o comando de um centro de controlo, perto de Moscovo, está o Tenente Coronel Stanislav Petrov, um analista que substitui um dos militares profissionais. Quando se acende uma luz vermelha, assinalando o lançamento de um míssil de uma base americana contra a URSS, Petrov e a sua equipa verificam a operacionalidade do sistema, o que é regular. De repente, acendem-se outras luzes vermelhas, indicando o lançamento de outros mísseis da mesma base. Segundo o protocolo, neste ponto, Petrov deveria dar o alarme às autoridades civis e militares, que tinham apenas 12 minutos para lançar o contra ataque nuclear. Em vez disso, considerando irreal um ataque americano proveniente de uma única base, comunica às referidas autoridades que se trata de um mau funcionamento do sistema de controlo soviético. O momento é dramático: tem de aguardar o escoar de meia hora  a partir do presumível lançamento, para ter a confirmação se é, efectivamente, um falso alarme. O que provocou o sucedido, foi um reflexo de luzes sobre as nuvens, que um satélite tinha assinalado como sendo o brilho dos foguetões dos mísseis balísticos intercontinentais, lançados dos Estados Unidos contra a União Soviética.

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Untion of Concerned Scientists

Resultado de imagem para pictures of Wheel of misfortune

1      The Man Who Saved the World

Shortly after midnight on September 26, 1983, a Soviet early warning satellite indicated first one, then two, then eventually five US nuclear missiles had been launched at the Soviet Union. Tensions were high between the two countries—it was the height of the Cold War and the Soviet Union had downed a South Korean passenger plane just weeks before. Checks showed the satellites were working correctly. The officer on duty, Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov, had a matter of minutes to respond to the apparent attack.

Going partly on gut instinct and believing “when people start a war, they don’t start it with only five missiles,” Petrov told his commanders it was a false alarm before he knew that to be true.

Later investigations revealed that satellites mistook sunlight reflecting off the tops of clouds for missile launches. The orbit used by Soviet satellites was designed to minimize the chances of false alerts, but that night, shortly after the autumn equinox, satellites, sun, and US missile fields aligned in a way that maximized the sun’s reflection.

Petrov’s actions earned him the nickname “the man who saved the world.” But if the satellite data had indicated the launch of a hundred missiles—or if a different officer had been on duty—this false alarm could easily have turned into catastrophe.
3      Had enough?
You have seen
of 18 stories.

PT -- GUERRA NUCLEAR -- Capítulo 3 O Barril de Pólvora Nuclear -- 3.1 Um Milhão de Hiroshimas




De Hiroshima até hoje:

Quem e como nos conduzem à catástrofe

Capítulo 3
O Barril de Pólvora Nuclear
3.1  Um Milhão de Hiroshimas

De 1945, o ano em que se inicia a corrida aos armamentos nucleares, até 1991, o ano em que a destruição da União Soviética assinala o fim da guerra fria, estão fabricadas no mundo cerca de 125.000 ogivas nucleares: destas, mais de 53% (mais de 65.000) dos EUA, 44% (55.000) da União Soviética. Das fábricas dos EUA saem, no período 1959-1961, 6.500 armas nucleares por ano, uma média de cerca de 25 por dia laboral. As fábricas soviéticas trabalham ao mesmo ritmo.

Cada uma das duas super potências apetrecha-se, desta maneira, de um arsenal nuclear que lhe dá a capacidade de destruir a outra: é a estratégia da «mutua destruição assegurada» (na sigla inglesa «MAD», «louco»).

Cerca de 3.500 armas nucleares são fabricadas globalmente pela França (1.260), Grã-Bretanha (1.250), China (600), Paquistão (100-120), Índia (90-100), Israel (80-400) e África do Sul (6).

A despesa é enorme e prossegue até depois da guerra fria. Estima-se que os EUA gastaram em armamento nuclear, no período de 1940-1996, mais de 5.800 biliões de dólares (referido ao valor constante do dólar em 1996). Se essa soma fosse constituída por notas de um dólar, amarradas em pacotes, podia-se construir um muro de dólares com a altura de 2,5 metros que circundava a Terra 100 vezes, sobre o Equador. Adicionando as despesas tidas com os armamentos nucleares da União Soviética/Federação Russa e dos outros países, podia-se, no mínimo, duplicar a altura do muro de dólares em volta da Terra.

Acumula-se assim no mundo um arsenal nuclear que, nos anos oitenta, atinge provavelmente os 15.000 megaton, equivalente a mais de um milhão de bombas de Hiroshima. É como se cada habitante do planeta estivesse sentado sobre 3 toneladas de TNT. A potência do arsenal nuclear supera 5.000 vezes a de todos os engenhos explosivos usados na Segunda Grande Guerra mundial.Cria-se, pela primeira vez na História, uma força destruidora que pode aniquilar da face da Terra, não uma, mas muitas vezes, a espécie humana e quase todas as outras formas de vida.

Para o fabrico das armas nucleares, são produzidas, durante a guerra fria, mais de 250 toneladas de plutónio: bastavam 150 kgs, oportunamente distribuídos, para provocar o cancro do pulmão a toda a população humana. Produzem-se, sempre para fins militares, 2.200 toneladas de urânio altamente enriquecido (HEU).

Uma herança mortal, que a corrida aos armamentos nucleares deixa às gerações futuras. O período de redução para metade (o tempo que ocorre para que a radioactividade se reduza à metade da inicial) é, para o plutónio, 24.000 anos. Isto significa que essas 2.200 toneladas de urânio enriquecido (HEU) permanecem perigosas durante 250.000 anos, um período de tempo correspondente a 10.000 gerações humanas.

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3.2  A «maleta nuclear»

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Rosenstein and Mueller Running for Cover Leaving Brennan Exposed Paul Craig Roberts

Rosenstein and Mueller Running for Cover Leaving Brennan Exposed

Rosenstein and Mueller Running for Cover Leaving Brennan Exposed
Paul Craig Roberts
Now the Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein confirms what I told you in my previous post. Mueller found no evidence that Russia had any impact on the outcome of the 2016 election.
So what was Russiagate all about?
It was exactly, precisely what I told you it was about from the very begining. It was a conspiracy orchestrated by the military/security complex, CIA, FBI, Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic National Committed against Donald Trump.
Trump’s emphasis during his presidential campaign on normalizing relations with Russia, which the neocon Obama regime had turned into “America’s most dangerous enemy,” was a threat to the power and budgets of the military/security complex. Without a demonized enemy, what is the justification for a 1,000 billion annual budget and the laws passed in the 21st century that completely destroy the protections provided by the US Constitution?
From the Clinton/DNC standpoint, a Trump victory would halt the vast riches pouring into the Clinton/DNC pockets from “pay to play.” The Clinton Foundation and the Clintons themselves were on their way to both being billionaires with the DNC collecting the registration fees. This was a model for one party rule. And along comes Donald Trump.
I doubt Trump knew what he was stepping into. So far he has been unable to function as President. But now that the FISA court has on record Rosenstein and Comey’s confessions that the spy warrants requested by the FBI to spy on Trump are based on deception of the court, the conspirators against Trump face indictment, conviction, and prison, if Trump has the balls, which he might not have. We cannot even be sure Trump understands the situation.
What perhaps has surely happened is that former CIA director John Brennan is now exposed by the total failue of Mueller to find a Trump/Putin conspiracy against American democracy. Rosenstein’s statement that “there is no allegation in [Mueller’s] indictment that any American was a knowing particiipant in this illegal activity [illegal activity is an unsubstantiated assertion only]. There is no allegation in the inditment that the [Russians’] conduct altered the outcome of the election.”
Brennan as CIA director had lied under oath to Congress to the contrary.
Rosenstein and Comey are trapped in their confessions to the FISA court that the FBI obtained spy warrants from the court via deception of the court. See:
What we must ask ourselves is how it is possible in the Great American Democracy that people totally devoid of all integrity, all honesty, all respect for truth can be confirmed by the US Senate as heads of the CIA, FBI, and National Intelligence?
How is it possible that these utterly corrupt people can go before the House and Senate continuously and tell lies under oath and never be held accountable?
How is it possible that American Democracy is so utterly weak that nothing whatsoever can be done about it?
What kind of America is it when it is ruled by blatant transparant lies?
In what sense do The People exist?





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